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2Squared. 2020

Fly on a Wall Collaboration

Curated by Dashboard and MINT 

Spiritual Practice. 2022

Commissioned for FORM @ Underground Atlanta

Produced and performed by Nicholas Goodly

Filmed by Jimmy Joyner

Threshold. 2021

Commissioned for Brooklyn Art Book Festival

Written by Nicholas Goodly

Performed with Laith Stevenson

Production Assistant Jimmy Joyner

Four Women. 2021

Created in collaboration with ImmerseATL

Performed by Maile Griffeth, Jacqueline Hinkson, Andie Knudson,  and Christal Ross

Motion of the Ocean. 2021

Created for Anchoress Syndicate Collective

Music by Sensei Bueno

Written and performed by Nicholas Goodly

Production Assistant Jimmy Joyner

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